pete grafton

Photography: Poster, Bologna

Photography: Poster, Bologna. Photo: Pete Grafton  is a base for Posts about political and social history and music and photography.  Items such as Two Ideologies – One Truncheon and Elvis in Photography are there.  It will also be used for occasional ancillary material relating to You, You and You!  The People Out of Step with World War 11.

Len: Our Ownest Darling Girl looks at the immediate post-war period though the correspondence between Mother and Daughter.  Mother in Glasgow and Daughter first in Cairo, then working at Porton Down, the British Biological and Chemical Warfare research station, and then training to be a teacher at the Nazi supporting Lord Londonderry’s Wynyard Hall.

The loose trilogy of You, You & You! and Len: Our Ownest Darling Girl, that looks at the experience of being in Britain from the 1930s through to the early 1950s, is concluded with London Town 54 that went online in March, 2016.

London Town 54, front cover png



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