You,You & You!      Forward by Angus Calder; 2013 Introduction by Pete Grafton; Acknowledgements.

Chapter I:  Before the War    A funeral, I’m sorry to say, that used to be like a luxury, to have a funeral.

Chapter 2:  The Jewish Emigres    My parents were Jewish, so things began to go downhill after 1930.

Chapter 3:   The Day War Broke Out   It’s that vivid that Sunday morning when they said war had broke out.  I said to myself “What are you crying for?”

Chapter 4:  Evacuation   It was like an auction affair, like a jumble sale.

Chapter 5:  1940:  Threat of Invasion    I felt certain the war was over, that we’d lost.

Chapter 6:  Intern The Foreigners   Churchill had the right kind of instincts “We’ve got to do something’ and like in Germany, you immediately turn on the Jews.

Chapter 7:  Battle of Britain   The aerodrome at North Weald was a fighter station.  Spitfires.

Chapter 8:  Blitz    The horrific time for me was when the bombs were coming down.

Chapter 9:  Conscripts and Volunteers: Men   As long as you heart was ticking these doctors reckoned you were alright.

Chapter 10   The Overseas Volunteer   Sometimes you sit down and you say “What the hell am I doing here.  There’s no war in our country.”

Chapter 11   Embarkation  He went out one morning and he didn’t come back for over three years

Chapter 12  The Conscientious Objectors  My Mother simply said to me “I didn’t give birth to you to have you killed at the age of 23 so good luck to you.”

Chapter 13  Women at War  The first time I came home I had me great big haversack, me gas mask and me tin helmet and me Mum looked at me and said “Ooh Rene, whatever have they done to yer?”

Chapter 14  War Work   1937 work was changing.  Everywhere.  They was after production.  They knew as this war was going to come off.

Chapter 15  Army Life   The King says to me “How do you like Army life?”  I told him I didnae like it.

Chapter 16  The Royal Navy  I don’t want to sound rotten about this, but in my opinion, having mixed with all parts of the other services, I would say the comradeship is highest in the navy.

Chapter 17  The RAF   You went to war for 6 hours and you came back to clean sheets and ham and eggs.

Chapter 18  POWs  The Guard was saying “Don’t go near that, you’ll die.  It’s electrocuted.”

Chapter 19   Mutiny and the Underground   “Last night’s action was bordering on mutiny!”

Chapter 20   Court Martial and AWOL     I’m on a charge of striking a superior officer.

Chapter 21   Interlude     Somerset Children’s War Experiences.

Chapter 22  A Relaxation of Morals   When a lot of guys were abroad the other guys were kipping up with their wives

Chapter 23  D Day    When we was getting near France and I realised this was it, I was like a jelly.  I wasn’t no hero.

Chapter 24  Disaffection of the Forces    The maximum sentence for disaffection of the Forces under regulation 1AA was fifteen years.  We didn’t know what to expect.

Chapter 25  Advance Across Western Europe   The Flying bombs were dreadful bombs.  That’s when they were on their last knockings.

Chapter 26  VE Day and the Labour Landslide   We all had visions of socialism then.

Chapter 27   Demobbed   Demobbed?  I finished up in Palestine!

Chapter 28  Back in Civvy Street   When I came out the Airforce I went up the Labour.  I said ‘Can I have a job please?’

Chapter 29  Let’s Face it – who cared about the Jews?

Chapter 30  Looking Back   If I knew when the war broke out what I know today….

Chapter 31   Those That Died

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