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In 1981 You, You & You!  The People out of Step with World War 11 was published by Pluto Press, London.  Though technically published in late 1981 it was distributed to the trade in February 1982.  Thanks to good coverage on TV and Radio, in specialist publications and through a feature in NME it got known.

The Alternative Bestseller list was an innovation of the London based weekly listings magazine City Limits.  City Limits was co-operatively run by journalists who had worked for Time Out.  The Time Out owner Tom Elliott wanted to do away with the co-operative run nature of Time Out and a bitter strike/lock out followed.  Defeated, those journalists who believed in the co-operative led ethic started City Limits in 1981.  For more details, see the Wikipedia entry City Limits (magazine).

You, You & You! sold 4,500 copies, and went on to become a well quoted source in subsequent books looking at the British experience of the Second World.  In particular, those books looking at the social and political history of the period.  (1)

The version published in 1981 was an edited down version, after a major book deal that was being brokered by Pluto Press with another publisher fell through.  This is that original version, restored, which was published online every Friday in weekly segments, and is now complete.  To read from the beginning go to CHAPTERS in the bar above.

In September 2014 the author published Len:Our Ownest Darling Girl, correspondence between mother and daughter in the immediate post-war period.  The hub of his online publishing and Posts is petegrafton.com


(1)  Amongst others:  Love, Sex and War, John Costello, Pan, 1985;  The Myth of the Blitz, Angus Calder, Pimlico, 1992;  The Hidden History of the Home Front, Stuart Hylton, History Press, 2010

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